Monday, December 10, 2012

More pancakes and snacks

Wow, this week has flown by! It's getting a little tough to fit in any blogging with all the holiday hustle and bustle, plus all the appointments I keep having to go to. I'm also finding it hard to remember to test an hour after every meal. I've missed it or tested late several times (oops!)
Here are some of the snacks I've been eating:

Rye crackers with Laughing Cow cheese spread.

Greek yogurt with strawberries and a handful of mixed nuts

Oh and I've been pleasantly surprised with Starbucks' selection of sugar-free syrups. I had a very tasty Skinny Peppermint Mocha when I was out with Bennett this weekend.

For breakfasts, oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas seems to give me the best blood sugar levels so that's what I've been sticking with. On the weekends I've been trying out some different pancake recipes. I tried almond flour pancakes with blueberries and they were okay, but I've discovered I don't love the texture of almond flour all that much. On the plus side, I can eat a lot of these with low sugar syrup without my blood sugar rising too much.

This Saturday, we had Weelicious' cottage cheese pancakes.

We've had them before and I thought they'd probably be good for me right now because they're high protein and low carb. I liked them a lot better than the almond pancakes- they were nice a fluffy like regular pancakes. The boys loved them too so they're something we can all enjoy. I ate at least 6 of these (they're not big) with my quick berry sauce and a little low sugar syrup, and my blood sugar was only 5.6 afterwards! That's low. I think I'll be making these pancakes a lot in the coming weeks. Sorry, I sure blog about pancakes a lot on here! I guess it's because it's a big part of our Saturday morning routine and I want to still be able to enjoy it. I'm really happy to have found something that works for me.

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